Cut-Out Fire Hydrant

Fire Hydrant (Polyethylene Cut-Out)

dog park fire hydrant
This great double-sided fire hydrant brings the city to the dogs in your park.

For locations outside the Big City, this handy fire hydrant provides dogs with a familiar place to take care of business. It’s made from sturdy polyethylene plastic that’s 3/4″ thick. The unit stands 41″ tall (about 3-1/2′ feet). The polyethylene sections mount to both sides of the unit, so the fire hydrant theme appears on both sides of the unit. They attach to a galvanized steel tube that embeds in the ground with concrete. Colors available: red only. Approximate Square Feet: .25. Actual Size: 0’-3” x 1’-0”

Dog Urination Station
Unit #: DOG-00025-B