Dog Agility Equipment

Dog park equipment is all about the dogs — they love to run and jump, and they’ll get plenty of chances to do it on our wide variety of agility units. Choose from a variety of dog agility equipment items, including tubes, hurdles, hoops, leash posts, ramps, hoops trails, weave posts, stepping pods, and even a full dog structure. These items of agility equipment are made from top-grade commercial materials. The plastic is commercial-grade roto-molded plastic. The metal is steel, made from partly recycled metals. Most of these items of dog agility must be secured in the ground with concrete — it’s the best way to maintain their stability.
dog park agility equipment
agility dog park equipment

Dog Face Single Tube DOG-00001 $995.00
Dog House DOG-00002 $995.00
Dog Bone Hurdle DOG-00003 $315.00
Jumping Hoop DOG-00004 $425.00
Leash Post DOG-00005 $200.00
Ramp DOG-00006 $1,375.00
Ground Hoop Trail DOG-00010 $495.00
Weave Posts DOG-00011 $350.00
Dog Structure DOG-00012 $3,195.00
Dog Pods BAL-00005 $740.00