Dog Park Benches

Dog Park Benches

Dog parks have plenty of room for dogs to run, but the owners need a place to sit! Give them commercial-grade dog park benches, perfect for sitting back and watching the hounds run, or even keeping company with a 4-legged buddy. Our benches are manufactured for use in commercial settings, for high-frequency use. Choose between several types of materials, including steel and wood. You can also choose between mounting systems — some benches simply rest on the ground, while others must be secured in the ground with concrete. For more information on our dog park benches, just phone our helpful specialists today toll free.

Standard Dog Park Benches with Back
This classic design is perfect for any dog park. These benches are manufactured from perforated steel. The support legs are made from 2-3/8″ outside-diameter galvanized pipe. The structure is powder coated, and the seats are thermoplastic coated. Choose between 2 types of edge on the metal: beveled edge or rolled edge. Six colors are available: brown, green, red, tan, black, or blue. Three types of mounting are available: portable (merely rests on the ground); in-ground (must be secured with concrete); or surface-mount (uses bolts to attach to ground).

dog park benches with back

Description Weight Price Unit#
Perforated Steel with Beveled Edge
6′ long 130 lbs. $414.00 601-677
8′ long 150 lbs. $470.00 601-678
Perforated Steel with Rolled Edge
6′ long 140 lbs. $477.00 601-679
8′ long 160 lbs. $533.00 601-680
Note: Bench design may differ slightly from the photo shown above.

Dog Park Benches with Arms
Dog park visitors who use this bench will always have something to lean on (other than their pets!). This sturdy bench has arms at each end for additional support. The bench’s legs are made from galvanized steel pipe that measures 2-3/8″ outside diameter. The legs are also powder-coated. Choose from six colors: blue, black, green, red, tan, or brown. Also choose from 2 types of mounting system: portable or permanent (in-ground mounting, secured with concrete).

dog park benches with arms

Description Weight Price Unit#
Permanent Playground Bench with Arms
6′ long 58 lbs. $660.00 601-227
8′ long 66 lbs. $709.00 601-229
Portable Playground Bench with Arms
6′ long 58 lbs. $699.00 602-227
8′ long 66 lbs. $744.00 602-229

Permanent Dog Park Benches
These modern benches have legs made from galvanized steel pipe, which measure 2-3/8″ outside diameter. Choose from 2 types of┬ámaterials for your new dog park bench: Either 2″ x 10″ anodized aluminum seats and backs with end caps, or yellow pine boards measuring 4′ x 2″. The 6′ Aluminum model ships UPS, but the other units go by motor freight.

permanent mount dog park benches

6′ Aluminum (53 lbs.) $421.00 Part# 601-226
6′ Pine (88 lbs.) $339.00 Part# 601-216
8′ Aluminum (61 lbs.) $471.00 Part# 601-228
8′ Pine (108 lbs.) $355.00 Part# 601-218
Legs/Hardware Only (27 lbs.) $189.00 Part# 601-217

Portable Dog Park Benches

These versatile, sturdy benches have legs made from heavy-duty galvanized steel that measures 2-3/8″ outside diameter. Choose between two materials for the bench surface: 2″ x 10″ anodized aluminum seats and backs with end caps, or 2″ x 4″ yellow pine boards.

portable dog park benches

6′ Aluminum (50 lbs.) $429.00 Part# 602-226
6′ Pine (85 lbs.) $318.00 Part# 602-216
8′ Aluminum (58 lbs.) $538.00 Part# 602-228
8′ Pine (105 lbs.) $333.00 Part# 602-218
Legs/Hardware Only (25 lbs.) $218.00 Part# 602-217

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