Dog Park Equipment Installation

Dog Park Equipment Installation

A dog park is as elaborate a project as its operator chooses. You can go basic, or you can go big. In either case, there will be some serious barking, sniffing, and running going on.

We sell everything from agility equipment to shade structures, whatever you need for your community dog play area. Our dog park equipment is full commercial-grade, manufactured to current safety and use standards.

Installing Dog Park Equipment

We ship our equipment, amenities, and surfacing nation-wide. Our company can install any of these items for you if you’re in the Maryland – Washington, DC – Virginia area. In other states, you’ll likely have to rely on an experienced contractor or construction company, ideally (but not necessarily) familiar with how to assemble and secure these items.

Installing items like dog agility equipment, receptacles, and surfacing isn’t complicated; it just takes attention to detail, and a contractor or construction company that has done similar work can likely handle this type of project with little difficult. For larger items, however, like our commercial shade structures, you’ll want to find a company that has more serious construction experience, especially with raising metal posts, digging footers, and pouring concrete. Some of the vertical shade structure posts can get quite heavy, and close attention detail is needed to secure them in the ground in the proper location, with the correct amount of concrete.

Receiving Shipments of Dog Park Equipment

dog park equipment agilityMost of our items of dog park equipment ship via motor freight, due to their size. If your organization or municipality has a loading dock and/or machinery for unloading trucks, your order will arrive more smoothly, and you’ll probably save money on freight charges in the process. We can also send you a delivery vehicle that has a motorized lift gate, to lower the equipment down to the ground. (What happens to it after that is all up to you.)

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